Why Should You Go To A Real Estate Boot Camp?

A Than Merrill San Diego real estate boot camp is going to help you get ready for work in the wonderful world of real estate. The real estate industry is an interesting place, and you must make sure that you are prepared to pass the state exam. Changing your life is simple when you go to a boot camp that teaches you what you need to know to work in the real estate industry. The best kind of education is one that prepares you to make a living in the industry.

The State Exam

The people who teach each boot camp will show you how to pass the state real estate certification exam, and you must make sure that you are listening to your teachers. Each teacher works in the industry, and the teachers know what it is like to become a real estate agent. You can ask questions of your teachers, and you can learn what it was like for them when they got their certification.

Running Your Own Business

You must be prepared to run your own business in the industry when you graduate, and the boot camp is going to get you ready to run a real estate office. The boot camp will teach you how to manage an office, get a job in a real estate office and make money as an agent. You can know everything you need to know about the industry, but you should know how you are going to work in the industry and make some money.

Working With Other Agents

You must make sure that you know how to work with other people in the industry when you get your license. The license that you get is going to help you work with home inspectors, the closing lawyers and mortgage brokers. The connections you make in the industry are going to help you make quite a bit of money in your office. There are so many other people working in the industry that you must know, and you will learn from your teachers how to connect to others.

The boot …

Boosting Venture Capital, Boosting D.C.’s Small Businesses

Boosting Venture Capital, Boosting D.C.’s Small Businesses

The initiative of Certified Capital Company, also known as CAPCO programs, aim to boost venture capital, thereby boosting Washington, D.C.’s small businesses. The primary purpose of the program is to increase private capital investment in small businesses located in the District of Columbia. According to the Department of Insurance, Securities & Banking, the Government of District of Columbia fulfilled premium tax credits obligations to 20 insurance companies in the amount of $50 million, in 2004. The insurance companies invested venture capital in three CAPCOs in the amount of $50 million. The invested capital is for the CAPCOs to provide loans and equity to small businesses in District of Columbia and companies seeking to relocate to the area.

There are advantages for participating in the D.C. CAPCO program, including promoting economic development growth in the state and creating job opportunities. The program doesn’t offer grants, but instead investments to small businesses that meet certain criteria and requirements. Small companies are eligible to apply for funds if they have a solid product or service with marketing potentials, strategic business plans and management proficiencies. Some of CAPCOs requirements to make the decision of selecting qualified businesses are the following: company must be headquartered & operates in D.C.; company’s employees must be employed in D.C. at 25%; and company is not affiliated with CAPCO. Professional businesses, such as accountants, attorneys, doctors, insurance, franchises, and real estate aren’t allowed to participate in the program.

Out of all the applications submitted for review to the CAPCOs, the most competitive and marketable companies are selected that meet the qualification requirements of the program. When the final decision is made, the company’s plan is considered for potential investment funding. Companies chosen for venture investment capital may be a start-up, expansion of an established business, or a business in its first phase. The businesses become portfolio companies after receiving the funds.

The CAPCO program in D.C. is responsible for boosting venture capital by offering tax credits to insurance companies. The CAPCOs received $50 million in 2014 from insurance companies to offer to small businesses in the District of …

Pass on New Noho Hotel In Favor of Impressive NYU Offer

Ed Sheetz planned to turn two buildings in Noho into one large luxury hotel, but then he received an offer from New York University that he deemed too good to pass up. NYU offered the hotel mogul $157 million for the buildings and his company, Chelsea Hotels, agreed to the deal and passed on their previous plans.

According to a spokesperson for Chelsea Hotels, the company purchased the two Noho buildings about a year ago. They originally had plans to renovate the structures, but then NYU offered them a very high offer and they decided to sell. The spokesperson added that the sale will now allow them to look into more options and to shift their focus heavily onto Hotel Chelsea.

The building addresses are 708 Broadway and 404 Lafayette St. Now, instead of becoming a 249 unit hotel they will be used by NYU as an athletic center until the renovation of Coles Sports and Recreation Center which is usually the athletic center is complete. After the athletic center is complete NYU’s vice president for public affairs, John Beckman, stated that the buildings will be used help soften space needs over on the Washington Square Core.

The University has continually watched their enrollment continue to increase, but given the tight space constrictions of the city have not had many options when it comes to expansion. They are working on creating superblocks, but this alone has not been enough to address the fact that the university simply needs more room.

The purchase made Chelsea Hotels a tidy profit given the fact that Ed Scheetz originally purchased the buildings back in 2013 for the much lower price of $96.6 million. He formally was partnered with the Chetrit Group, but after a dispute arose over the Hotel Chelsea restoration the two parted ways and Chetrit Group sold their 50% stake to Scheetz.

Scheetz chose to then rebrand his entire portfolio of hotels which currently includes the Williamsburg McCarren Hotel & Pool and the E. 29th Street Martha Washington. Formally the partnership was known as King & Grove, but now it is simple …

Headhunter Tips for CEO’s in DC

Finding the Top Headhunter for CEOs in DC

In order to find Nels Olson the top headhunter as a CEO in DC, it’s necessary to do a bit of study on the experience and past successes of headhunters who primarily focus on top positions in DC. Also, CEOs should learn the specific types of positions in DC that meet their expectations. CEOs also need to know DC businesses that regularly hire executive recruiting consultants as headhunters to fill positions in finance (CF0,) business development, healthcare, executive management development (CEO) and positions as chief operations officers (COO).

Headhunters are Not Recruiters

Although headhunters place top executives in choice positions, headhunters are not recruiters. Headhunters are basically executive consultants who know the moment a CEO is considering a move to another top position. For headhunters, the strategies are vastly different than in technical recruiting.

Headhunter Tips for CEOs in DC

Some of the best tips for CEOs are to seek a headhunter with clients of top corporations or government contractors. These headhunters associate closely with the executive boards and their members on a regular basis. This should show CEOs how important the duties and responsibilities of headhunters are and why the headhunter a CEO chooses should have a well-designed, strategic network within DC’s top businesses and organizations. A CEO position in DC is very different than a CEO position in New York City, Boston, Atlanta, Chicago or Houston. DC is a microcosm of interlinked businesses and government contracting agencies. Thus, the scope of networking is inextricably smaller and, by association, deeply invested in DC’s total picture of business and government. There are several tips for CEOs in DC to consider. These include:

-Defining the business or governmental range of executive positions
-Maintaining current data on CEO positions
-Anticipate the movements of DC CEOs to other positions
-Engage a keenly connected, networked headhunter

DC is a much smaller pool for CEO positions. As such, an astute assessment of the businesses and governmental agencies poised to offer a perfectly matched CEO to a top opening is crucial.

Choose a headhunter who has current data …

DC Family Owned Real Estate Development Companies

Real estate development is a huge thing these days, as you can make a lot of money if you know what you are doing. If you are like the Frank Haney Company (FLH Company) looking to develop a property, whether it be a rundown home that you got extremely cheap, which you are trying to fix up and resell, or whether you have bought a piece of land that you want to build on, hiring a team to help you can make the process a lot less stressful and most likely a lot more profitable in the end. A lot of times people buy up these properties with the intent on flipping them, only to come to find out that the process of increasing the homes values were more than they had anticipated. These people quickly find out that hiring a real estate development company is the way to go.

You have a bunch of options when it comes to selecting one of these companies, but in essence they are going to do the same things. However, when you are talking about developing real estate, there are a ton of decisions that have to be made and the profit margin really lays in these decisions, which are often times made by the companies that you are working with. That being said, there is also the price to consider. These companies are likely going to charge you a pretty penny, but in the long run you are going to make a lot more on the house and it will likely sell a lot faster, giving you a higher turnover rate. The turnover rate is extremely important when you are talking about a person that is in the real estate game to flip as many properties as possible for the best price.

Family owned companies are some of the best to go with, because you can usually get a pretty good deal and you want to work closely with whoever you have hired. Having a close working relationship is ideal and the reality is that this is easier to achieve by hiring …

U.S. Wholesale Inventories Up Solidly, Signal Upward GDP Revision

From Reuters:

U.S. wholesale inventories rose more than expected in June, the latest indication that theeconomy grew at a faster pace in the second quarter than reported last month.

The Commerce Department said on Tuesday that wholesale inventories increased 0.9 percent as a rise in oil prices boosted the value of petroleum stocks. Inventories also were buoyed by a surge in farm products.

Wholesale stocks were revised to show a 0.6 percent rise in May instead of the previously reported 0.8 percent increase.

Economists polled by Reuters had forecast wholesale inventories rising 0.4 percent in June.

Inventories are a key component of gross domestic product changes. The component of wholesale inventories that goes into the calculation of GDP – wholesale stocks excluding autos – increased 0.8 percent.

June’s increase in wholesale inventories is more than the 0.7 percent gain the government had assumed last month when it published its advance second-quarter GDP estimate.

In that report, the government said business inventories increased $110.0 billion in the April-June period, making no contribution to the 2.3 percent annualized GDP growth rate.

The stronger-than-forecast wholesale inventories data for June suggests that second-quarter GDP will be revised high.

It also added to data last week showing manufacturers carried more goods in June than the government had estimated in the second-quarter GDP snapshot. In addition, imports in June were less than the government had forecast in the GDP report.

Sales at wholesalers edged up 0.1 percent in June. Sales had been sluggish since last August, in part due to the negative impact of lower oil prices on the value of petroleum goods sales.

Read more here.…

How Construction Companies Get the Most Bang for Their Buck

No matter what anyone else tells you, the main priority will always be the bottom line. A construction company will worry about making money and losing it. In keeping with this logic, let’s look at how construction companies like Frank Haney keep their overhead down, especially during developmental times.


A construction company needs to reassess its contracts every year. The life of your contract should not go past one year. Keep your inventory down. Many construction companies assume that multiple year contracts are the way to go. This usually only benefits the vendor. Going over a new contract each year will start a bidding war. Companies will look for the lowest and most profitable bidder.

This might mean more work for you guys, but it will pay off down the road.


When you have a big job coming up, ask your client what he/she thinks. As your client what he or she feels needs to happen cost-wise. Your clients are a part of the equation too. Too often, companies will leave their customers out. The cost does have an impact on the clients too. Try to keep this mind.


There are some construction companies who rely on inventory which is a one-size-fits-all. You can keep these costs down my match the needs on a “terms for turn” basis. Do you need the item right now? Will you be using some of your inventory in the next 6 weeks? Will you be able to buy it for less later?

Your construction company will lose money by housing products that are not going to be used. Only keep in stock what you need at the moment. You can always get something later on.


Don’t rely on a vendor who doesn’t own their own stuff. Why would you own someone else’s inventory in your stock, especially if it’s not being used? This is just bad business.


If you can replace your low 10% with a new top 10%, then do it. Always get …

San Diego Real Estate Conferences

The real estate industry is a market that almost always guarantees its investors with prosperity, stability, comfort of life and many pathways towards success. However, many real estate investors have not acquired the knowledge necessary to guide them towards a FortuneBuilders prosperous path.

San Diego’s real estate conference provides its guests with a vast array of useful lessons and events like FortuneBuilders, some of which include: critical and timely information plans, valuable networking opportunities, loan originating, service technician, commercial real estate, industry service provider and much more. Attending San Diego’s real estate conference is a great choice for anyone that is wanting to stay informed on their local business events, meetings, activities and any other opportunities.

San Diego’s real estate conference is an event that offers its guests with access to some of the nation’s top industry leaders, expert panelists and CEOs who will be discussing some of today’s most popular and proven trends, regulatory developments and marketing strategies for unrivaled success in today’s compelling marketplace.

Some of the topics that are covered in the conference events are capital sources, new and proven strategies, loan guidelines and much more. There are many different types of individuals that can assuredly benefit from the topics that will be covered throughout the duration of the conference events. Some of whom are: commercial bankers, multifamily mortgage bankers, investors, loan producers, person fund advisers, savings bankers, credit corporation specialist, Fannie May employees, Freddie Mac associates, FHA originators, load underwriters, analysts, credit officers, data providers and anyone else that may have interest in real estate financing.

There are a vast array of business fields an individual, partnership or corporation can enter to experience great amounts of success. However, they should know that the real estate industry is one that will never fade in regards to opportunities. Wherever an individual travels to, there will always be someone looking to buy a home in or around their particular area. Therefore, attaining the skills that are instilled into the guests of San Diego’s real estate conference events are values that cannot be acquired elsewhere. By honing one’s knowledge and

Real Estate Self Education

The number one reason people give for not taking control of their education in real estate is that they think they will make a mistake. The truth is, everyone makes them, even real estate experts like Than Merrill. Some of the best lessons have come from mistakes. This information talks about the value of self-education in real estate, lifelong learning and how profound the impact could be on individual lives.

Knowledge in real estate through self-learning can increase your overall understanding in the competitive market you live in, and actually make you wiser when buying properties. This is one way where you have control of your financial life to accomplish your goals without relying on a third party. Self-education in real estate has also transformed many people’s lives and given motivation for more. Sadly, only a small percentage of people take this path. Then there are dozens of stories of people who did self-learning and went on to create massive wealth with real estate.

As you work toward your goals with self-education, you will begin to build a portfolio of real estate investments. There are many strategies to learn from online courses and books, much more than what any real estate agent of adviser would teach. The key is to determine which investment strategy will work best for you, your personal needs and preferences. With self-learning approach, you will know your objectives, time-frame, risk-tolerance level and your required rate of return before buying a real estate.

No one knows about your current financial condition, better than you. This means, the amount of your cash reserves, your earning ability, future plans, and the amount of money you are willing to invest. Self-education for real estate is a tool to collect all this information in order to prepare you for different investment choices. This will give you a better picture and the dollars available to accomplish your goals. By considering the suggestions and ideas that you have learned through this approach, you will be able to eliminate much of the guess work and save money. Collecting the resources may take …

Washington DC’s redevelopment boom

Have you noticed a lot of Frank Haney construction projects driving around DC lately? Washington DC may be an old town but they are not done expanding. Many companies know this and they are all rushing to develop commercial real estate around the DC area to cash in on this redevelopment boom.

One of the largest companies is The Peterson Companies. They are headquartered in northern Virginia and have been in real estate development since the early 1970’s. They are responsible for the beautiful office building in the National Harbor at 125 Waterfront Street. The Peterson Companies also redeveloped the old Ontario Theater on 1700 Columbia Road and added 9,151 square feet of retail space. According to their website they own over 2,000 acres of land at two dozen locations in 11 different jurisdictions in Virginia and Maryland, so they’re not slowing down anytime soon.

Quadrangle was founded in 1971 and got their start redeveloping Pennsylvania Avenue and they haven’t slowed down a bit. With 63 projects completed and 25 still in the pipeline for a combined total of 25,013,666 square feet and 9.6 billion dollars spent they are here to stay. With projects like the Shops at National Place, a three level indoor shopping mall located in downtown Washington DC, Quadrangle has become a part of the culture in this area.

The Gallery Place opened in the Fall of 2004 and has revitalized DC’s East End and the company responsible is Akridge. This company was founded in 1974 and in the years since has developed more than 12 million square feet in the Washington DC area. They were the first property management company to offer full-service concierge service to office building clients as well as annual indoor air quality testing. This type of relationship makes their clients glad to have Akridge as their developer.
These are only three companies that are working to renovate and stimulate the growth of the area in and around America’s capitol. With all this going on you can bet in the coming years that Washington DC will continue to be a hub for tourists …