Lucid Energy Group and Riverstone Holdings Reach Agreement

A month ago, Lucid Energy Group announced that they have began the process of selling one of their subsidiaries to a joint venture between Riverstone Global Energy and Goldman Sachs for 1.6 billion dollars.

Originally the Delaware Basin was acquired during the purchase of Agave. The Delaware Basin, which has been property of Lucid since mid-2016 has now been sold to the two companies mentioned above.

“We are very pleased to join Lucid in announcing this exciting realization of the largest acquisition in our nine-year history.” said EF Midstream Managing Director Morriss Hurt.

Along with Riverstone founders David Leuschen and Pierre Lapeyre, Baran Tekkora, a partner at Riverstone had praise for Lucid. Tekkora spoke highly of the platform that Mike Latchem and his company Lucid had built in such a little time. He expressed pride in working with such innovative people in the oil business. He also had kind words for the people over at Goldman Sachs.

EnCap Flatrock Midstream teamed up with Lucid Energy Group as a financial sponsor. EF Midstream is an investment firm that primarily focuses on North America’s oil and gas industry. The company is based in the heart of Texas, San Antonio.

Lucid Energy Group is an energy company that focuses its services on gas and oil production in North America. Lucid’s Midland Basin is a 700 mile stretch of pipeline. The site is capable of gathering seventy-five thousand barrels of crude oil per day.

“EnCap Flatrock Midstream has been instrumental in helping us acquire, expand and optimize the assets in our Agave transactions,” said head of Lucid Energy Group, Mike Latchem.

Latchem had positive sentiments towards Riverstone Global Energy and Goldman Sachs as well. Latchem expressed confidence that the new owners of his former subsidy would expand on the innovative infrastructure that makes up the mechanical aspects of the pipeline.

Last month’s deal insures immediate growth to all parties involved, and it seems all sides seem eager to begin working together to expand the oil drilling and refinement business.…

2017 Women in Business Honorees

An assistant general counsel/director of compliance, a veterinarian, and a certified personal trainer are three of the 23 women awarded for their accomplishments in business in 2017.

The Women in Business Achievement Awards, which were presented at a ceremony in Norfolk, Virginia on December 11, 2017, recognize the impact women have on the business community as well as setting an example for others. Inside Business and SunTrust Bank sponsored the 15th annual awards ceremony.

Nikki Williams, who received her B.B.A. in accounting from James Madison University and her J.D. from the College of William & Mary Law School, was acknowledged for her contributions. Williams, with her more than two decades of private practice experience, recently switched to in-house with ADS Inc in Virginia Beach as the company’s director of compliance and assistant general counsel.

She actively participates in the Hampton Roads community with local organizations such as TowneBank and is also a member of the Virginia Aquarium Board of Trustees.

Colleen Fox was also awarded for her devotion to her veterinarian practice in which she specializes in small animal dentistry. She has also volunteered for close to 20 years with organizations such as the Guiding Eyes for the Blind and various other animal fund raising activities.

Another honoree was Tasha Turnbull, who made use of her weight-loss expertise and know-how to open a fitness training facility in Virginia Beach to work with people in improving their physical condition and reaching their fitness ambitions.

Also singled out for their work were Valerie Brown as executive pastor at The Mount Global Fellowship of Churches; Amy Turner Wiegand, flight school manager at Horizon Flight Center and Andrea Bear, the president and owner of video production company, Bear in Mind Strategies.

Other notable honorees include: Sylvia Haines, who was honored for her work as executive vice president for the Hampton Roads Chamber; Susan Browney Dillon was recognized for her passion as owner of Golden Slippers Dance Academies; Shannon Kane, Virginia Beach Council Woman and president EWR Management Group; Donna Bishop, vice president, LifeNet Health; Vivian Turok, senior vice president and Erica Rorrer, vice …

Myriad Employment Recruiters for any Employment Match

Finding employment in Washington DC can be daunting. If your resume’ needs improvement or your image needs to be fine-tuned, you may find you need some outside help. That is where employment recruiters like Tierney Remick can be an asset to any job-seeker in DC.

There is no shortage of employment recruiters in the greater Washington DC area. If you are in need of employment and have specific skills or goals, you would do well to hire an employment recruiter to help you to fine-tune your resume’ and cover letter, your image, and improve your opportunities of securing the best possible match between an employer and yourself.

Most recruiters are available in the Midtown area of DC, including The Ford Agency, NRI Staffing, Sparks Group, and The Midtown Group. In more outlying areas, to the north you can find The Choice Inc., and Reaction Search International Inc. South of Midtown are Lucas Group and Contact 1.

Any one of these recruiters will work with you to find the best fit between employer and employee.

The Ford Agency, in Midtown, established in 1978, has been a stalwart of Washington DC for decades. They tout ‘unparalleled’ recruiting that offers a variety of skills-based recruiting. They have placed their clients in HR, IT, administrative, and paralegal, in both temp and permanent positions. Their concentration is on making certain that their business clients and their potential employee clients are the best possible match.

South of Midtown
Lucas Group, south of Midtown, helps to guide employees to accounting, finance, HR, IT, legal and manufacturing employment. They also contract with the military to establish civilian service employees with top government contracts. Lucas Group helps both permanent and contract employees find lucrative and best-match employment.

North of Midtown
You will find Reaction Search International north of Midtown. This organization works to help match executives with employment in the greater DC region. They work primarily with high-level clients who are looking for top men and women for their executive and management staffs. Their reach extends to Aerospace and Defense, Biotechnology, Education, Energy, Financial Services, and Government …

Government Buildings Built by Top Family-Owned DC Real Estate Development Companies

There is a group of family-owned real estate development companies which have been involved in government projects in Washington DC. However, to be contracted by the government, they have to undergo heavy screening and scrutiny to ensure that they are in strict adherence to government regulations, standards, and guidelines. They form an elite group of family-owned real estate development companies which have been directly or directly involved in shaping many buildings in Washington DC. Beyond construction, these companies are also involved in building maintenance and renovation of old buildings which require such services.

Some of these companies include:

1. Douglas Development
Douglas Development was established in the year 1985 by Douglas Lemar and has been a privately operated real estate company ever since. Mr. Lemar has been the company president and has helped the company score big contracts with the government over that period. They have built on a space of over 10 million square feet over the period of their existence and currently have constructions on a space of over 3 million square feet. Their integrity and brilliant workmanship have been their defining factors and have seen them receive numerous government contracts which they have seen out with perfect execution.

2. Frank Haney Company
The Frank Haney Company is a family-owned real estate development company established in 1967 and based in Washington DC. Its development portfolio amounts to 15 billion dollars of constructed over a space of 15 million square feet. This vast experience in real estate development and strict adherence to government regulations and guidelines has seen the Frank Haney Company receive numerous government contracts over the years.

3. JBG Companies
JBG is one of the most reputable family-owned real estate development companies in DC involved in the development of residential, hotel and office spaces both in DC and the United States at large. They are known for engaging in development projects which are of top-notch quality and also for their flexibility which enables them to cater for clients in different income levels. Their strict adherence to construction guidelines and regulations has seen the JBG Companies secure multiple …

Funds Raise Capital for CT Ventures

Three funds launched with plans of making available capital of over $130 million to small-sized, medium-sized, and high-growth companies in Connecticut state. The revised program of Insurance Reinvestment Tax Credit passed in 2010 formed the fund.

Enhanced Capital Connecticut Fund

Liddy Karter was the managing director of this fund, which raised nearly $30 million. The fund was in two different investment accounts. Kater said that the fund was going to do much in driving more capital specifically in the Connecticut businesses’ hands.

Karter continued saying that her fund, which was initiated by the national asset manager ECP (Enhanced Capital Partners) based in NY, was to identify as well as underwrite investments in equity and debt of equal to $3 million in the firms that were qualified-from the seed-stage to operations that were mature.

They were looking at industries that ranged from healthcare, information technology, and manufacturing to green technology and business services. ECP also concluded its first deal with Hadapt Inc., a software analytics firm based in New Haven, Connecticut; it operates at Science Park.

Advantage Capital Connecticut Partners

Three firms formed the fund – Advantage Capital Partners, based in Missouri in partnership with the Louisiana-based Stonehenge Capital Fund Connecticut, and Ironwood Capital, headquartered in Avon.

Advantage Capital raised $72 million, which was designated to invest in around 25 companies in Connecticut. Stonehenge raised around $35 million. Ironwood Capital and Advantage Capital invested in eight companies based in Connecticut, which included deals with:

• XLerant, Inc., based in Norwalk; a software company providing budget preparation software for corporates.

• The New Haven-based Green Life Guides, LLC, a company that’s operating The Green Bride Guide, which is an online website for ideas of the green wedding, products, and services.

The Advantage Capital Partners’ managing partner, Ryan Brennan said that the fund was representing the first investment that his firm was making in the companies located in Connecticut, and the draw was the program of revised tax credit. Their typical investment forms included government-guaranteed lending, subordinated and senior loans, mezzanine financing, expansion equity, and early stage.

Brennan said that the previous year, …

Retiree Returns to the Oil Industry

The oil industry is irresistible to many business magnates in the world today. Additionally, once entrepreneurs get into the industry, they hardly leave until they achieve their financial objectives. Its potential is exceptional because oil is a commodity used every minute to run industries, autos, and many other machines. James Hackett is one of the renowned tycoons in the United States. He is the former CEO of Anadarko Petroleum Corporation. Hackett retired from the company to attend Divinity School at Harvard University.
The former energy CEO is back to achieve more in the industry. Hackett launched Silver Run Acquisition Corporation II, which is another key purpose acquisition company. Also known as a blank-check company, it made an announcement of its initial public offering on March 23, 2017. The offering was 90 million units at $10 per unit.
Hackett agreed to purchase the pipeline firm and an oil explorer this year after finalizing his studies at Harvard. The price of the two Oklahoma firms was around $3.55 billion. He learned about the companies from a close friend when schooling at the university.
When starting Silver Run Acquisition Corporation II, he wanted to merge it with one or more companies. Additionally, Hackett launched the organization to engage in asset acquisition, capital stock exchange and stock exchange deals with other firms in the world.
Silver Run Acquisition Corporation II focuses on multiple lucrative deals in the energy industry. The sponsor of the corporation is an affiliate of Riverstone Holdings LLC, which is a private equity agency based in New York City under the leadership of Pierre Lapeyre and David Leuschen. Riverstone Holdings LLC also focuses on energy-related deals. In 2013, Hackett became a co-head and partner of Riverstone Holdings LLC’s Houston office.
The 63-year-old Hackett will not only run his new firm but will also start teaching on moral leadership in economic enterprise at Rice University in Houston. He will help students at the university acquire crucial leadership and entrepreneurial skills that will shape their future. Moreover, during the spring semester, he will teach at the University of Texas. His experience …

Family-Owned Construction Companies in DC Working On Government Buildings

There are quite a few companies in Washington DC that rebuilding government structures, and this article explains how Frank Haney and some of these other companies are owned by prominent families in the city. Anyone who is searching for better firm for their next job must ensure they have worked with Thorsen or Dustin Construction as part of their plan. These companies are given incredible government contracts every year, and they are building a new Washington DC that is beautiful to look at.

#1: The City Must Grow Every Year

Washington must grow every year to accommodate the government, and there are quite a few contracts handed out each year that will build new structures. These structures are quite exciting as they will offer new jobs, and the jobs will beget many homes in the area. Companies such as Thorsen and Dustin are building residential areas near where their government buildings are located.

#2: Growing Neighborhoods

Neighborhoods must grow quite a lot when they are surrounded by new government buildings, and the people who move in may work in the buildings that are located in the area. The buildings will help that tiny community grow, and the people who live there will find it much easier to get to and from work. Celebrities such Janelle Monae and Alicia Keys have visited these buildings and the city as recently as the marches on the Capitol building and others.

#3: How Long Do The Jobs Last?

Construction companies owned by prominent families in the city have their own equipment, and they are equipped to make quick work of what must be done. They will save time, and they will help the government save money as their bid for the contract will go down quite a lot. Companies that have a track record for doing fine work will be given more contracts in the future, and these companies will be given every opportunity to make their mark on the city.

The buildings that are built in Washington DC are grown by companies that have made a mark on the city many times over. …

Iconic Skyscrapers in New York City That Have Stood the Test of Time

In the heart of the Big Apple lies Anthony Malkin’s iconic skyscrapers that can only be seen in New York City. Containing some of the tallest skyscrapers in the world and playing host to many celebrity visitors, New York skyscrapers have been made famous by their architectural designs. Such feats of structural engineering can even be seen on the big screen as King Kong is climbing the Empire State Building. Although many skyscrapers are made famous from movie and television appearances, the structures have stood the test of time to become world famous.

The Woolworth building was the tallest building between the years of 1913-1930. Based on neo-Gothic design, the skyscraper stands at 57 floors, 792 ft. tall and is currently the 20th tallest building in New York City. In the early 20th Century, it was nicknamed the “Cathedral of Commerce.” The structure was named after the millionaire of 1913 Frank W. Woolworth and designed by Cass Gilbert. Another Cass Gilbert architectural design is that of the New York Life Building. Standing at 615 ft. and 33 stories tall, the Gothic design skyscraper is iconic for the top pyramid structure that is lined with 25,000 gold-leaf tiles. The building is the current headquarters of the New York Life Insurance Company.

A skyscraper that has gained popularity over the years from celebrities is Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in New York City. The building stands at an impressive 58 stories that is home to such celebrities as Janet Jackson and Bruce Willis. Trump Tower is the headquarters of The Trump Organization and contains retail stores and penthouse condominiums. Bruce Willis bought an apartment in 2007 for an overall price tag of $4.26 million, after it was sold by the previous owner Johnny Carson. While Janet Jackson has rented an apartment there, her brother Michael Jackson had rented an apartment in the 1990’s on the 63rd floor.

Called one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World from the American Society of Civil Engineers, the Empire State Building stands at a total 1,454 ft. and 103 stories. From 1931 to 1970 …

Picking the Right Executive Recruiter to Use in Washington DC

The job recruitment industry in Washington, DC is awash with many players. The players include employment agencies, executive search firms, Nels Olson and headhunters or recruiters. The employment agencies are tasked with helping job seekers in finding work the traditional way. The executive search firms, on the other hand, specialize in recruiting staff for a particular industry or profession. The two main categories of executive search firms are retained search firm and contingency employment agency. The former operates exclusively because of its relationship with the employer.

Under the arrangement, the search firm is hired for a given duration of time to search and recruit senior level staff. The compensation package for retained search firms includes a percentage of employee’s salary and paid expenses. This amount is remitted whether the employee is hired or not. The contingency employment agency, on the other hand, is only compensated if the appointed employee is hired. In the entire recruitment setup of Washington DC, the recruiters are much more pointed in their role of assisting prospective employees. In most cases, the recruiter will approach you to get you to work for the firm they represent.

A great number of companies in Washington DC use recruiters because they do not have time on their hands. The other reasons include taking advantage of the extra services offered by recruitment agencies and around the clock availability. Recruitment agencies are well-placed to perform the hiring exercise because they are constantly at work and have current information regarding the market and recruitment procedures of any industry. However, the process of finding an effective recruiter to use in Washington, DC can be tasking. If you are seeking employment in a specific industry, find a recruiter that is dedicated to recruiting workers in that particular industry.

You can also find the right recruiters by enrolling in a professional association, where you can get access to online recruitment directories, recruiter’s database and other valuable resources. You can also take a more hands on approach of interviewing a recruiter to get insights into what they looking for and what you need to do to …

Alumni Gift To Support The Missouri Government Internship Program

What happens when a university educates students who become the owners of a multi-million dollar company? Well, while some find themselves being attached to scandal Truman State University is finding itself enriched.

Class of 1983 alumni Scott Zajac, along with fellow alumni Ryan Brennan of Advantage Capital, have donated $40,000 to the school for the benefit of students to receive stipends so that their costs can be defrayed.

How The Funding Works

Many may look at the gift of $40,000 and think that it will not go very far. After all, if 40 deserving students qualified, it would do little more than cover some of the year’s gas money.

However, that is not how a program like this works. The money is put together to create earnings, as well as attract like-minded benefactors. If the $40,000 principal amount was to gain 5% in 2017, then $2,000 would be created for the program. If four other graduates gave similar amounts then the account would have a principal amount of $200,000.

Has Something Like This Worked Before?

This is a very common program, and hopefully going to be more so within the school. For those who wonder how common it is, we can go back at least 228 years!

In 1789 Benjamin Franklin left in his will the amount of 2,000 lbs of sterling silver to accumulate interest until 1989 at which point the money would be distributed to the cities of Philadelphia and Boston. When the account was disbursed in 1992 more than $2,000,000 was bequeathed.…