Corporate Crime Cases – How they are settled

In a recent interview with a leading news outlet, Sean Hecker maintains that Deferred and Non-Prosecution agreements have been paving the way for corporate crime settlements and should stay the way they are. Sean Hecker is a partner at Debevoise & Plimpton, one of the world’s most prestigious law firms.

Deferred and Non-prosecution agreements allow for a relative subtle resolution negotiated by parties. Sean Hecker believes that the lawyers fighting cases of corporate crimes could come to ease and understanding with the government if the companies are given a chance to put up a case rather than be at backfoot over the proceedings as is normally the case in many of the corporate crime cases. In many cases, in the past, the SEC did not take into account and recognize the efforts of multinationals with a first rated compliance program and were prosecuted because of one or two cases where a person crossed the line into doing something that they shouldn’t be doing. This needs to be checked upon and a mutual consensus is needed to arrive at a solution for such multinationals and corporations to be at par with the government. Sean Hecker believes that this situation has changed over the years with many high profile cases like the BNP Paribas case which was efficiently coordinated by the government and its related agencies towards finding an amicable solution.

Upon being asked about the 2008 financial collapse wherein the department came under criticism for not being able to prosecute big banks and their executives, Sean is of an opinion that there wasn’t any criminal conduct or a mala fide intention on part of the senior level management and top executives of banks.

On the question of the system being undermined by revolving doors, Sean said that the legal community sees the wrong side of people who go back into the government in the role of a public prosecutor. If anything, the incentive created by a revolving door is to bring more and more significant cases against senior folks and that is how one gets the recognition of the government. The …

Top Real Estate Development to Contact in the Washington Area

Washington DC has been experiencing a redevelopment wave in recent years. There has been a significant rise in investments in the real estate sector. Green technologies have set up the trend for the construction industry by influencing new construction projects. Many construction firms like Frank L Haney have been successful over the past few years. Competition for potential clients has been made stiff with the emergence of new real estate companies in Washington DC.

The JBG Companies is among the best commercial real estate developers in Washington DC. It was founded in 1960. The company is privately owned. They had developed more than 3.78 million square feet by the end of 2010. Currently, the firm has more than $10 billion in property under development and supervision in the Washington area. JBG takes advantage of market opportunities and mitigates risks through market cycles. Some of the well-recognized properties that The JBG Companies has developed are the Marriott Wardman Park, The Shay, The Westin Arlington Gateway, and the Rosslyn Gateway.

Douglas Development Corporation is among the largest privately owned property developers, most dominant, and successful real estate developers in the Washington area. The firm has earned a national reputation as a pioneer in the redevelopment of historic properties. The firm has managed to develop into a fully integrated real estate company. Douglas Development Corporation’s current portfolio includes more than nine million leasable square feet and over eight million square feet of developable properties. The Woodward & Lothrop building is among the company’s top redevelopment projects.

The Bernstein Companies has been in existence for the past 75 years. It is the oldest development, property management, and real estate Investment Company in the Washington area. The firm’s major projects include Marriott’s ExecuStay, Springhill Suites by Marriott, and the Ballston Tower. For more than 80 years, the company has shown an unparalleled track record of diversified business success. The Bernstein Companies has entered into numerous successful partnerships that have enabled the company to leverage intellectual capacity by teaming with the market leaders to expand their reach.

The Bozzuto Group is a diversified residential corporation that …

Business Success Tips from the Pros

Succeeding in the business world is a topic that occupies troves of books, magazine articles, interviews, and motivational speeches. There are so many ideas, tips, and opinions from successful entrepreneurs and business executives that it can easily become overwhelming for the aspiring entrepreneur. Gleaning actionable advice from these sources can be difficult. Vague statements like “Cash is King” or “Put the customer first” don’t necessarily translate easily into concrete business decisions for owners in niche industries or who are new to conducting business in the 21st century.

That’s why getting back to the basics and following common sense advice from people who have personally succeeded in the business world is the best route to go.

For example, take David Leuschen. He is founder and creator of Riverstone Holdings and has overseen IPOs of new funds valued at over $2 billion. When giving a talk about how he has achieved such astronomical success and wealth in his lifetime, David dispenses common sense advice that seems almost too easy to be effective. Mainly, he emphasizes that “90% of life is showing up”, which is a phrase made famous by comedian Woody Allen.

A simple statement such as this belies the deeper meaning. He isn’t just referring to having a stellar attendance record, being punctual, and never calling in sick. He’s talking about specialization. Sticking with one industry, or one niche within an industry, can yield fantastic returns on investment for the dedicated and hard-working business person. For example, his energy fund requires a large team of people who only specialize in the energy markets. This intense specialization allows them to be experts in their niche and weather industry down periods to take full advantage of opportunities. This dedication to a specific field is difficult for many aspiring entrepreneurs who seek to jump on the next big trend, however the wisdom has been echoed throughout history by other business leaders such as Henry Ford and Andrew Carnegie. Economist Adam Smith took this concept’s importance to the macroeconomic level in “Wealth of Nations”, so it is certainly not a new concept.

Another simple …

Bringing Broadway to Malls for Retail-tainment

Scott Sanders is known for his Broadway shows and Westfield Corporation is known for its shopping malls across the U.S., so what could these two possibly have in common? They are both looking to entertain, and that is why they have teamed up together to create a more exciting experience for mall shoppers.

Westfield Corporation has shopping malls throughout California – in LA and San Francisco – as well as along the East Coast in Connecticut and NY. They most recently completed the massive Westfield World Trade Center shopping complex to much fanfare. Over time, as we have entered the digital age, they have begun to realize that consumers deserve more than just a building with clothing stores and the average shopping mall experience. Westfield wants to give entertainment to their shoppers.  They want to leave the consumer with an overall great feeling when visiting one of their malls. Aka: “Retail-tainment

With the help of Tony award winning Scott Sanders on board, Westfield Corporation knows they will have the best entertainment lineup possible. Scott is known for musical productions such as, The Color Purple and After Midnight. He has produced half-time Super Bowl events and other television & Broadway productions. He has even been involved with the revamping of the historic Radio City Music Hall in New York City. This producer knows what it takes to entertain and what is needed to put on the best show possible.

In his new position, Scott Sanders will be the Head of the Creative Entertainment for Westfield Corp. He will make all the decisions on what kind of entertainment is produced for the shopping malls. With his background and knowledge in the entertainment industry it is a guarantee that he will provide the best entertainment possible for shoppers to enjoy.

According to Co-CEO of Westfield, Peter Lowy, “Scott’s talent and experience will help us create compelling new content and entertainment. This continues our tradition of making our centres about more than just shopping. Live events and entertainment have always been critical to Westfield and Scott will provide a new …

International Businesses are Rethinking Their Strategies Thanks to Digital Marketing

As we all watch the rapid pace of change in international business, you will quickly realize that any organization unresponsive to the latest trends finds itself at a serious advantage and that reality is no different in respect of marketing, especially digital marketing.

If you want to truly understand why digital marketing has become important, then think about how ubiquitous the internet and, more recently, mobile internet has become and ask yourself how many people you know who are not online.

The answer in all likelihood is few if none. Increasingly, therefore, the best way of reaching out to consumers is digitally. For large businesses, digital marketing represents a challenge because it has evolved so rapidly and is continuing to do so.

It is one thing to adopt a digital marketing strategy but it is quite another thing to implement it effectively, and what businesses need to realize is that digital marketing is multi-layered and that what works on one digital platform or appeals to one audience will not work or appeal in a universal sense.

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How to Decide to Use a Head Hunter in Washington DC

In the Washington D.C. metro area, the competition for well-qualified candidates is extreme. Many of the most qualified and experienced candidates are currently employed or lack accessibility in order to be recruited. These candidates must be sought after by means of a head hunter, but a carefully chosen one. Since the positions in need of be filled are exclusively marketed through the private sources and the connections of the head hunter chosen, the head hunter must have a large networking base, prominent connection in the D.C corporate world and have creativity when searching for talent.

In the same way that it is essential for a candidate to network with other professionals, head hunters must network as well. In order to find these prominent candidates, head hunters must have a large networking base that permits them an inside contact person into as many organizations, companies and networks in the market as possible. For this reason, it is very imperative that employers select a head hunter who is well connected and who has previous experience in order for them to find the most qualified hidden talent.

They must also be creative in order to succeed when candidates are hard to locate or be persuaded. The purpose of hiring a head hunter is to fill a position that requires a particular skill set and level of experience. In many cases, finding the person who matches the desired profile will require more than a few phone calls and emails. Head hunters must find hidden avenues in order to complete their mission, and employers should inquire about their methods.

There are a few DC executive recruiters that are well known for having the connections and networks in order to locate and secure hard-to-find talent in the metro area. When deciding. of all the firms to choose from, Heidrick and Struggle, the Lucas Group and CSI Executive Search rank the highest in terms of abilities and procurement. These firms have proven track records in finding talent and persuading them to accept beneficial employment offers with various firms.

Heidrick and Struggles is the oldest head hunting firm …

Top Real Estate Development Companies in Washington

Real estate has boomed across the Washington, DC region Frank Haney development area and steam rolling the path for new construction projects. One of the most interesting new projects that are being built and constructed in DC is the National Museum of African American History and Culture. The project opening date is set for September 2016. The Nation’s Capital has several neighborhoods that are getting ready to break ground, to revitalize with new housing, retail, and office space. Below are a few companies that are involved in building the new projects as well as the revitalized neighborhoods.

Peterson Companies

Peterson Companies is a privately owned business that builds within the communities of Washington, DC region. They offer development services for commercial, office, residential and retail real estate. Their vision is to develop long lasting values to the community by serving their customers’ needs. Their mission is to provide to their customers, employees, and the community with good customer services, good communication, and to offer the best training and educational programs available to their employees.

PN Hoffman

PN Hoffman provides residential and development projects with great structural design, construction, sales, and marketing services. They are dedicated to helping and serving the neighborhoods of DC. Their mission is to generate exciting urban communities that stand out amongst the rest of the neighborhoods nearby. PN Hoffman’s vision is to enhance the community, by bringing positive change and improving the lives of others.

JBG Companies

JBG Companies is a privately owned real estate development firm that has many assets under construction in the Washington, DC area. Their mission is to be the top developer in the area and be an asset to the community. JBG specializes in the urban areas with transit-oriented developments. They continue to apply their expert skills, to create and preserve the community, like they have for the last 50 years. They continue to create places, value, and progress in building a better life for the community.

If you would visit the Washington DC area, you will come to see and realize all that is happening there; with their community growing …

Top 5 Private Equity Executives in The U.S.

Private equity companies give an alternative for private companies to trade their shares without being on the public exchange. The private equity industry has been doing quite well in the recent years, thanks to various trend-setters. Here is a list of some of the top private equity executives who have had a huge impact in this industry.

Stephen A. Schwarzman

Stephen A. Schwarzman is the CEO, Chairman and co-founder of Blackstone Group. The Blackstone Group is the biggest buyout in the world, recording a revenue of $ 7.6 billion in the year 2014. Having started with just an investment of $ 400,000, it is only fair to say that the company has had an outstanding management governing it. In the year 2015, Forbes listed him on their World’s Billionaire list as the 100th richest. His personal wealth is estimated at over $ 12 billion.

George Roberts

George Roberts also makes the top of the list for the top executives in the private equity. He has amassed a lot of wealth working with the Kohlberg Kravis Roberts. The company is known to have made one of the most profitable leveraged buyouts in the acquisition of RJR Nabisco. He currently has an estimated net worth of $ 5.5 billion.

David Leuschen

Leuschen is the founder and senior director for Riverstone Holdings. In the year 2013, his name appeared on the Forbes’ Top 50 Dealmakers list. Aside from founding Riverstone, he has founded and co-founded other ventures that have been very successful, including Goldman Sachs. He has vast experience in the investing and financing industry.

Charles Kaye

  1. Kaye is the co-chief executive officer of Warbug Pincus LLC. He is also a member of the executive management of the company. He has been with the company since the year 1986. Warbug is one of the world’s leading private equity firms, priding itself with over $ 35 billion worth of assets under it management.

Donald Mackenzie

Donald Mackenzie is a co-founder and a co-chairman of the CVC Group. He is also a member of the main board of CVC. CVC is one of the …

Peter Lowy and Westfield Corporation’s Recent Success

Peter S. Lowy is a very successful businessman who graduated with a Bachelor’s of Commerce from the University of New South Wales. He is the current director and co-CEO of Westfield Corporation, one of the world’s leading shopping center companies. According to Lowy’s Bloomberg profile, he also holds board positions or RAND Corporation Executive Committee and Board of Trustees, the Executive Committee of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, and Lowy Institute for International Policy. Additionally, he is the Chairman of the Homeland Security Advisory Council. Before the establishment of Westfield Corp, Peter was the joint Managing Director of Westfield Group. Prior to Westfield, he worked in investment banking in New York and London

About a year ago, Peter had stated that he was to step down from his position as co-Chief Executive Officer at Westfield Corp after a proposed restructuring. His brother and co-CEO, Steven Lowy, managed to convince him to stay on at the company, with the help of their father, Frank Lowy. During an interview with ‘The Australian’, Peter told the reporter that the “prospects of the company were exciting”.

Peter has mentioned that “the company has upwards of 50% of its current value to develop again over the next five-to-seven years,” according to the Wall Street Journal. If Westfield Corp continues to see the growth it has previously seen in its London, Milan and U.S. malls, this statement could certainly prove to be true.

Westfield Corporation just completed a risky de-merger in which they entrusted its Australian and New Zealand malls to a separate company by the name of Scentre Group. The board made this decision to split their domestic and international business so they could put more focus into their U.S. and U.K. malls for now. Westfield reported a net profit of $2.3 billion one year since the breakup, with a market value for Westfield of $14 billion.

The company constantly enhances its reputation by redeveloping existing shopping centers and by finding and developing sites that have business potential in new markets. Westfield Corp has many ongoing and future projects. The company …

5 Best Real Estate Developers in Washington DC

Washington DC is known for its amazing buildings, so you need the best real estate developer if you’re working on creating a new one. DC is full of amazing developers like Frank Haney Company, but you should know who the best of the best is. Here are five of the best real estate developers in the city.

BF Saul Company

The BF Saul Company has been developing real estate in the Washington DC metropolitan area since 1931. This company is practically the heart and soul of the buildings that are standing in DC, so it would only be fitting to consider them for your next big project. BF Saul is a one-stop shop, dealing with residential and commercial real estate development, insurance, hotel management, and property management.


Abdo has been developing urban real estate in the Washington DC area for years. The company is responsible for entire communities including condos, apartment, and even commercial retail buildings. High-rises are their specialty, so you can’t go wrong choosing Abdo to work on your next project in DC.


Akridge has built a variety of notable buildings around Washington DC. One of their most famous work includes the one million square foot Gallery Place. Gallery place is the heart and soul of China Town, which features entertainment, dining, health and beauty venues, and more. Other notable projects by Akridge include the Homer Building and Burnham Place. Akridge is known for creating more than buildings. They create entire communities.

Douglas Development

Douglas Development Corporation is one of the largest real estate developers in the entire Washington DC area. They are known for a wide variety of projects such as commercial, retail, residential, and office buildings. Since 1985, they have been not only building Washington DC, but they’ve been re-building it as well. With more than 180 re-development projects under their belt, Douglas Development can complete any project you need.

Federal Realty Investment Trust

Federal Reality has about 20 million square feet of Washington DC’s properties inside of their portfolio. They have developed many high-quality properties such as Pike & Rose, Rockville …