Headhunters in the Washington DC Area

When looking for a headhunter in Washington DC area, the first thing that comes to mind is whether or not recruiters have the expertise to place their clients in a specific executive position that organizations seek to retain employees. In this case scenario, placing the right talent will help organizations sustain continuous growth. This is important and critical for individuals who depend on executive recruiters, like Nels Olson, so that highly-skilled individuals are successful in their given careers. The same way that corporate human resources (HR) generalists, who develop job specific profiles, turn to executive recruiters, such as Robert Hall executive search in Washington DC, to search and find high-profiled executives to fulfill job positions for their corporate offices.

First, Lucas Group Washington DC area recruiters provide top-notch placement services for not only sales and marketing executives, but also for manufacturing, legal, and military transition, among other professional fields such as IT and HR. Job seekers in the Washington DC area can be rest assure that Lucas Group Washington DC recruiters can accommodate high-level executives with job placement that they are seeking. Furthermore, Recruiters are specialized in Beltway recruiting in the Washington DC area to accommodate their client’s expectations of finding work.

Second, Robert Half executive search in Washington DC area is well-known for placing high profile executives in the marketplace catered to one’s desires. Recruiters here provide career counseling for both senior accountants and financial analysts, as well as other fields like graphic and website designers. Robert Half executive search in Washington DC has experienced functional specialists for executive minded individuals who seek job placement. Specialized recruiters, such as Mike Caggiano, build relationships to cater high-skilled executives and senior level professionals from, CEOs to Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and Chief Operating Officers (COOs), by understanding each client’s competencies and expectations in meeting their career goal. That is why when HR in businesses are seeking to employ specialized skilled employees, corporate offices turn to Robert Half executive search because of the location and innovative diverse professionals in Washington DC area, which is located near reputable universities and highly skilled …

Famous skyscrapers in NYC and the people that own them

The New York Skyline is famous. Dozens of tall buildings greet the casual observer as they see the city from afar. While many people are aware of the skyscrapers, they may not be aware of who owns such buildings. A large building may be owned by a single person or by a corporation. A brief list of such buildings and the people who own them can make a visit here even more exciting and fascinating.

The Empire State Building

One of New York City’s most visible and elegant buildings, the Empire State Building sits in the heart of midtown Manhattan. The building has been visited by many people over the years including tourists from all over the world. Here, the views across the open floor at the top offer stunning vistas across three states. Many famous people have visited this iconic structure including Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra. The building is owned by real estate developer Anthony Malkin, who helps manage millions of square feet in the entire city.

The Chrysler Building

The Chrysler Building is another much beloved building that dots the skyline in the center of the city. When it is seen from upfront it is equally imposing. Located at 405 Lexington Avenue and 42nd Street, the building has top floors that mimic the design of the company’s cars. The building is quite admired as it offers sleek lines and many interior spaces that people can tour. Owned by the world class architectural firm Tishman Speyer, the building has been toured by visitors both local and from abroad including singers Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett.

The Citicorp Center

The Citicorp Center is a modern marvel that involved major engineering expertise. The work to create this building centered on creating a building that lies on top of a church that predates the building by centuries. This marvel is one that offers a chance to tour the church on the lower part of the building and then have a look from the tower by owner Boston Properties. Created by architect Hugh Stubbins, the building was constructed in the …

How to Stage a Great Open House

An open house is the best time to showcase your beautiful home to potential buyers. Make sure you do it right the first time to help get your home sold as quickly as possible. Here are a few things to keep in mind to make sure you have a successful open house.

1. Clean Your House
It’s very hard to sell a dirty home. Buyers oftentimes don’t have the best imaginations and it can be difficult to get them to see past the dirty handprints on the walls and the spots on the floor to see what a good investment they could possibly make in your home. Help buyers see the best in your home by making it sparkle.

2. Make Minor Repairs Ahead of Time
If buyers come to see your home and are hit instantly with dozens of to-do’s, they might turn around and run the other way. Another reason to make minor repairs ahead of time is that buyers that see a lot of minor repairs that have been neglected often wonder what other large repairs have also been neglected. Do yourself a favor and, when possible, make any minor repairs before the open house.

3. Take Your Curb Appeal Up a Notch
Before the open house, really dress up your curb appeal. “More often than not, if a potential homebuyer is not impressed with the outside of your home, getting them to be impressed with the inside might be difficult,” so says Than Merril of the Real Estate Education Company Fortunebuilders. Be sure to pressure wash the outside of your home to get rid of any dirt. Give your shutters a fresh coat of paint. Add new potted plants and flowers to the flower beds. Sweep off the front entry way. Bring in some patio furniture to make guests want to stay and linger.

4. Keep in Mind the Basics
Remember the basics of having a successful open house.
• Prospective buyers feel most comfortable when the homeowner is not present.
• Make sure your home smells clean so that it’s inviting to buyers.
• Have …

Executives Recruiters at the Washington DC

The Executives recruiters work to fill the management positions in companies and organizations. Selecting the right Nels Olson executive search firm is one of the most critical decisions to consider when one is employing people for the top positions. There are several search firms teams in Washington DC with top notch candidates. Knowing who and from which headhunter to hire is very critical. To choose the best executive the company, one need to be very keen and observative. Nels Olson in his research provided some effective strategies on how one can choose the right firm for his or her company.

Network tapping. In this, one needs to get the employment history of the current seniors working at his business. The companies they previously used to work for and their former employers.

Using social media like LinkedIn,, and Doostang. A keyword would help you to locate their profiles. The LinkedIn shows one over million recruiters where some may have listed their niche there. On compiling the niche market, One needs to find out the recruiters area of specialization. For example, somebody may have written that he specializes in Science, Industrial Chemistry for Universities research foundations and consultancy companies.

JDG Associates Ltd is one of the executives placed by the Washington Executive directors. The company particularly does searches in the health, government and science searches. The company is currently working with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in the National Marine Fisheries Service to find the Scientific Programs and Chief Science Advisor’s Director.

Boyden is another company to consider. The company is of great help to those companies whose niche areas include, Risk Management, Security, Aviation, Defense and Intelligence, Government and Aerospace. The company does research on other sectors, though it does not disclose its closed searches.

The Recruiter directories have been found to offer extensive lists of possibilities. The contains an exhaustive list of free directories you can visit to get the recruiters directories. Some of those recruiters directories you can subscribe for in the library comprises of the,, and the With just a library card …

Famous Buildings In The New York City Area To Visit

New York City is a wonderful place to enjoy many breathtaking structures and skyscrapers with you loved ones or friends. They allow you to spend the whole day admiring the work of many unique architects or go on a group tour with your colleagues or closet friends. It also provides a romantic day-cation for couples looking for something interesting to do in New York City. The following is a list of the most famous building in the NYC area for you to visit during your vacation or leisure time.

(3) Popular Buildings In New York City To Visit

30 Rockefeller Center

This wonderful structure provides panoramic views of New York City for their observation deck. This tower was originally named the GE Building with over 850+ feet for you to enjoy. The Rockefeller Center has 70 floors for their guests to tour with over 60 elevators to getting to and from the top will never be a problem. They are committed to getting tourist from the bottom to the top with ease. Rockefeller is currently the home to the famous NBC studios.

Woolworth Building

The Woolworth Building plays a major contribution to the skyline of New York City. They stood as one of the tallest buildings in the world when they were constructed in 1913. There are plans to construct the top 30 floors into luxury apartments if you plan to relocate to a wonderful city atmosphere. The story behind this superior structure is the ceremony that was held by Woodrow Wilson when the lights were turned on and he pushed the switch in support of Washington D.C. Tourist interested in this building will enjoyed being involved in the rich history of New York City.

The New York Public Library

If you’re interested in learning more about New York City you have the option of learning from millions of books located at the New York Public Library (NYPL). The buildings main entrance will leave you astounded from the skills of the architecture. Tourists can appreciate the stone carved lions, stoned arches, and columns. They also feature a frieze along with …

Washington’s Leading Commercial Real Estate Companies

Here is a short list of the leading real estate developers monitored by Frank Haney operating in the Washington DC.

1. Peterson Companies
Peterson Companies is among the largest privately-owned real estate development firms in the Washington, DC. It offers fully-integrated construction services for residential, commercial, office and retail real estate. Among its notable projects include National Harbor, Downtown Silver Spring, Virginia Gateway, Washingtonian Center, Fair Lakes, Burke Centre, Fairfax Corner and Tysons McLean Office Park among others.

2. PN Hoffman and Associates
PN Hoffman and its affiliates, provide design, sales, construction and marketing services for private residential as well as mix-use development projects. It is committed to serving Washington DC and has built more than 28 developments in this city since 1993. PN Hoffman was the developer chosen to redesign Washington’s Southwest Waterfront among other landmark projects.

3. Douglas Development
The Douglas Development Corporation is among the largest private real estate companies owners in the DC area. It is a fully integrated real estate firm with an assortment of commercial office, retail, and residential mixed-used properties. The company has already completed over 180 successful renovation projects and is a prominent force in the revitalization of the DC area. Founded in 1985, Douglas Development Company has a passion for protecting and redeveloping historic structures including iconic properties such as the Woodward & Lothrop landmark and Chinatown’s historic row at the Verizon Center.

4. Clark Construction
Clark Construction is an integrated real estate company providing a broad range of services including capital markets, construction, property management, development and investment management. Consistently ranked among the top multifamily builders in the US, Clark is one of the country’s premier builders of luxury villas, military houses, and mixed-use communities. Since its founding in the year 1992, the company boasts of an extensive portfolio of nationally-acclaimed, award-winning projects on both coasts. Its notable projects include City Center DC, City Market at O, Arena Stage, US Coastguard Headquarters, INOVA Women’s Hospital and Children’s Hospital, The National Museum of African-American History & Culture, Walter Reed Military Medical Center and much more.

5. Lerner Enterprises
Lerner Enterprises …

Connecticut Provides Incentives for Insurance Companies to Invest

Connecticut’s finance sector shows signs of revitalizing growth. The establishment of the revised Insurance Reinvestment Tax Credit (IRTC) in 2010 has provided the impetus for insurance companies to invest in Connecticut companies which will result in new economic development efforts as well as enhancement of new and already existing technology for Connecticut businesses. As a result of this program, three new funds have been created. These new funds plan to achieve more than $200 million in financing for small, medium and high growth companies.

There have been three main funds that have started up since the initiation of the IRTC:

Enhanced Capital Connecticut started by Enhanced Capital Partners in New York has raised close to $30 million in two different pools of investment. They focus on the beginning to the more developed operations and underwrite up to $3 million for firms that qualify. Enhanced Capital Partners is focused on investing in businesses that span green technology, business technology, healthcare, manufacturing and information technology.

Advantage Capital Connecticut Partners was started by Advantage Capital Partners, based in Missouri and a partner with Ironwood Capital. This fund has allocated $72 million for 25 Connecticut-based companies with the focus being on early stage, mezzanine, senior, expansion equity, government-guaranteed lending and subordinated loans. Ryan Brennan, managing partner of Advantage Capital Partners spoke to the investment in Connecticut companies.

Stonehenge Capital Fund Connecticut has started by the Louisiana based Stonehenge Capital. This fund has accumulated close to $35 million for investments.

There are, however, certain requirements that these funds have to meet in order to use the IRTC program. One of these requirements is that fund managers must allocate twenty-five percent of investments to green technology and 3 percent is invested in pre-seed financing.

Investing in pre-seed investments satisfies the uneasiness that industry leaders have expressed about Connecticut’s absence of a strong start-up investor base. This will increase Connecticut’s ranking, currently 14th in the country.

The IRTC program entices insurance companies to invest in Connecticut businesses by offering credits toward their tax liability. These new funds will provide the much needed incentive for fund managers …

Corporate Crime Cases – How they are settled

In a recent interview with a leading news outlet, Sean Hecker maintains that Deferred and Non-Prosecution agreements have been paving the way for corporate crime settlements and should stay the way they are. Sean Hecker is a partner at Debevoise & Plimpton, one of the world’s most prestigious law firms.

Deferred and Non-prosecution agreements allow for a relative subtle resolution negotiated by parties. Sean Hecker believes that the lawyers fighting cases of corporate crimes could come to ease and understanding with the government if the companies are given a chance to put up a case rather than be at backfoot over the proceedings as is normally the case in many of the corporate crime cases. In many cases, in the past, the SEC did not take into account and recognize the efforts of multinationals with a first rated compliance program and were prosecuted because of one or two cases where a person crossed the line into doing something that they shouldn’t be doing. This needs to be checked upon and a mutual consensus is needed to arrive at a solution for such multinationals and corporations to be at par with the government. Sean Hecker believes that this situation has changed over the years with many high profile cases like the BNP Paribas case which was efficiently coordinated by the government and its related agencies towards finding an amicable solution.

Upon being asked about the 2008 financial collapse wherein the department came under criticism for not being able to prosecute big banks and their executives, Sean is of an opinion that there wasn’t any criminal conduct or a mala fide intention on part of the senior level management and top executives of banks.

On the question of the system being undermined by revolving doors, Sean said that the legal community sees the wrong side of people who go back into the government in the role of a public prosecutor. If anything, the incentive created by a revolving door is to bring more and more significant cases against senior folks and that is how one gets the recognition of the government. The …

Top Real Estate Development to Contact in the Washington Area

Washington DC has been experiencing a redevelopment wave in recent years. There has been a significant rise in investments in the real estate sector. Green technologies have set up the trend for the construction industry by influencing new construction projects. Many construction firms like Frank L Haney have been successful over the past few years. Competition for potential clients has been made stiff with the emergence of new real estate companies in Washington DC.

The JBG Companies is among the best commercial real estate developers in Washington DC. It was founded in 1960. The company is privately owned. They had developed more than 3.78 million square feet by the end of 2010. Currently, the firm has more than $10 billion in property under development and supervision in the Washington area. JBG takes advantage of market opportunities and mitigates risks through market cycles. Some of the well-recognized properties that The JBG Companies has developed are the Marriott Wardman Park, The Shay, The Westin Arlington Gateway, and the Rosslyn Gateway.

Douglas Development Corporation is among the largest privately owned property developers, most dominant, and successful real estate developers in the Washington area. The firm has earned a national reputation as a pioneer in the redevelopment of historic properties. The firm has managed to develop into a fully integrated real estate company. Douglas Development Corporation’s current portfolio includes more than nine million leasable square feet and over eight million square feet of developable properties. The Woodward & Lothrop building is among the company’s top redevelopment projects.

The Bernstein Companies has been in existence for the past 75 years. It is the oldest development, property management, and real estate Investment Company in the Washington area. The firm’s major projects include Marriott’s ExecuStay, Springhill Suites by Marriott, and the Ballston Tower. For more than 80 years, the company has shown an unparalleled track record of diversified business success. The Bernstein Companies has entered into numerous successful partnerships that have enabled the company to leverage intellectual capacity by teaming with the market leaders to expand their reach.

The Bozzuto Group is a diversified residential corporation that …

Business Success Tips from the Pros

Succeeding in the business world is a topic that occupies troves of books, magazine articles, interviews, and motivational speeches. There are so many ideas, tips, and opinions from successful entrepreneurs and business executives that it can easily become overwhelming for the aspiring entrepreneur. Gleaning actionable advice from these sources can be difficult. Vague statements like “Cash is King” or “Put the customer first” don’t necessarily translate easily into concrete business decisions for owners in niche industries or who are new to conducting business in the 21st century.

That’s why getting back to the basics and following common sense advice from people who have personally succeeded in the business world is the best route to go.

For example, take David Leuschen. He is founder and creator of Riverstone Holdings and has overseen IPOs of new funds valued at over $2 billion. When giving a talk about how he has achieved such astronomical success and wealth in his lifetime, David dispenses common sense advice that seems almost too easy to be effective. Mainly, he emphasizes that “90% of life is showing up”, which is a phrase made famous by comedian Woody Allen.

A simple statement such as this belies the deeper meaning. He isn’t just referring to having a stellar attendance record, being punctual, and never calling in sick. He’s talking about specialization. Sticking with one industry, or one niche within an industry, can yield fantastic returns on investment for the dedicated and hard-working business person. For example, his energy fund requires a large team of people who only specialize in the energy markets. This intense specialization allows them to be experts in their niche and weather industry down periods to take full advantage of opportunities. This dedication to a specific field is difficult for many aspiring entrepreneurs who seek to jump on the next big trend, however the wisdom has been echoed throughout history by other business leaders such as Henry Ford and Andrew Carnegie. Economist Adam Smith took this concept’s importance to the macroeconomic level in “Wealth of Nations”, so it is certainly not a new concept.

Another simple …