Why The Boehner-Obama Budget Deal Is Terrible

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Once again, a massive deal, crafted in secret, unveiled at the eleventh hour, is being rushed through Congress under threat of panic. Once again, we have waited until an artificial deadline to force through that which our voters oppose.

At its core, this deal with President Barack Obama does two things. First, it lifts federal spending caps for the next two years—including a $40 billion increase in spending on the federal bureaucracy. Second, it waives the federal debt limit through March 2017, allowing for approximately $1.5 trillion to be added to the debt—ensuring no further conversation about our debt course or any corresponding action to alter it.

It appears this deal is built on the same principles as the Ryan-Murray budget deal from 2013.

It exchanges instant increases in federal spending for distant savings, as much as two decades down the road, that are likely to never materialize. It funds increased spending through increased revenues—violating a core budget principle by collecting more money to expand an already too large federal bureaucracy. And it trades the termination of today’s spending limits for the promise of new spending limits 10 years from now.

The spending caps in law today were pledged as part of the 2011 Budget Control Act agreement to lift the debt ceiling by $2.1 trillion. It represented a bipartisan commitment to cap spending at a fixed amount. This deal shatters that commitment by spending $80 billion more than we promised over the next two years.

The deal also uses a common gimmick, where alleged savings in an entitlement program are used to boost unrelated spending in the federal bureaucracy.

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Executive head hunters in the DC area

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Executive head hunters have a very important job, as they are responsible for finding executives to fill the positions that other executives have left. This is a very difficult task, because they are not aiming to fill a normal job, but are dealing with a position that is very critical and likely crucial to the company. This means executive recruiters like Nels Olson have to go out and find the perfect candidate for the job, and even persuade them to want to join the company. This takes a massive amount of networking skills, as they will need to be able to find people that are highly qualified and can fill the position.

Head hunters in areas such as DC, where there are a huge amount of big time businesses and politics, focus their time on finding various candidates that may be well suited to do the job. This may involve talking to contacts that they have, as there is a very tight knit network of people that are involved in big time cities such as DC, as people switch around companies all the time, making it necessary for this type of a network. The head hunter essentially goes out and tries to find an individual that would be perfect to fit the position that has just been vacated, which is easier said than done. It is always a good idea to find a replacement that has done very similar work, has managed people in the same types of situations, has the same types of backgrounds in business, and truly understands what is going on with the company. There are not too many people that fit these types of qualifications, which is why a head hunter is so incredibly important to all sorts of different companies and is why they make such a high salary.

After the head hunter has found some potential candidates, they usually set up some interviews and ultimately make their decision on who they would like to be brought in to fill the position. If they end up making a good decision, the company will end …

IBM snaps up and more in Watson IoT push

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IBM will acquire and other digital assets from The Weather Company for its new Watson IoT Unit and Watson IoT Cloud platform, it announced Wednesday.

The purchase covers The Weather Company’s mobile and Web-based products, including WSI, Weather Underground and The Weather Company brand. The TV-based Weather Channel is not included, but it will license weather forecast data and analytics from IBM under a long-term contract, IBM said.

The deal is expected to close in the first quarter of 2016. Terms were not disclosed.

IBM kicked off its IoT push in March, when it committed to investing $3 billion in related services. Of particular interest to IBM in this deal is The Weather Company’s dynamic cloud data platform, which powers its mobile app — the fourth most-used such app daily in the U.S. — and handles 26 billion inquiries to its cloud-based services each day.

That platform is designed to ingest a wide range of data at massive speed and scale. Its sophisticated models analyze data from 3 billion weather forecast reference points, more than 40 million smartphones and 50,000 airplane flights each day.

Equipped with that technology, IBM will be able to collect even more global data for deeper insights across the Watson platform. For companies tapping into the Internet of Things, that will mean “significant competitive advantage as they link their business and sensor data with weather and other pertinent information in real time,” said John Kelly, senior vice president for IBM Solutions Portfolio and Research.

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Community-Based Programs Deserve Your Funding

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CAPCO programs are a great way to get money to businesses in the community that would not be able to get it otherwise, which ends up strengthening the economy and provides jobs for individuals living in the area. If you do not know what these programs are, they are essentially allotments of funds that the government gives to certain companies, which then lend money out to various businesses in the area. The funds that the government provides are not actually cash or a grant, but actually come from tax right offs that the lenders can then capitalize on. The lenders can then give out money to local businesses as they see fit, which essentially allows businesses in the community to grow, without having to pay back the money, which in theory works out very positively for everyone involved.

It is sort of a way of taking the tax money that we all pay into as a society and convert that into new businesses and jobs for the residents in the community, rather than putting that money into various other projects where the money is going to be spent once and lost. The new businesses in the community, after they have been established, will provide tax money back to the government over time and hopefully the money can be restored back fully to the government, with new businesses being created essentially for free. One city that has been very successful at implementing this type of CAPCO system, is Cortland, New York. They have been successful at creating a community based organization that has helped businesses to open up and thrive.

These programs have been very successful all over the country and plenty of new businesses and jobs have been created. The people that want to start businesses must apply with the lenders just like they would be applying for any other loan and will have to show a detailed business plan, which will be evaluated on the same basis as if they were coming in for a regular loan. There is no question that we as a country have been …

Construction companies raise money to bid on government projects

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Frank Haney and other construction companies must be financially ready to bid on government contracts, and need to make sure that they can financially afford to make a bid in the middle of a bidding war. The government looks at a great many things when companies are bidding, and a few lessons can be learned from this article. Each of the five things below can be done easily to ensure companies have a better chance of obtaining the government contract that they want.

Get More Stuff

Businesses need to have enough machines and materials to accomplish big jobs. Businesses can build their fleet over time, and will find that they have plenty of vehicles to finish the largest jobs. The government trusts that businesses with more assets can handle high volume jobs, which is why they more confidently accept bids from bigger businesses.

Hire More People

A large staff is usually needed to handle the biggest jobs. The government is looking at the size of companies to ensure completion, and that they have existing staff that can work today. Companies that are understaffed are less likely to be considered for the government jobs that will change the course of their futures.

Make a Plan

A plan is needed for every job that comes under budget. The government wants to spend as little money as possible, and having a viable plan ready to go is a great advantage. It is illegal to purposely waste the government’s money, and companies should not bid for jobs when there is no plan to execute.

Prepare To Upgrade Your Company

Often times upgrades to old equipment instead of buying new items is better for a company’s balance sheet. Each upgrade helps explain what a company has done to make itself worthy of the next big project. These simple upgrades will go a long way with government employees who must award these contracts.

Be Bold

Being bold and unique helps when raising money needed for contracts. Taking out a loan today can help a company pay for materials need for a future job, and will …

Why Should You Go To A Real Estate Boot Camp?

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A Than Merrill San Diego real estate boot camp is going to help you get ready for work in the wonderful world of real estate. The real estate industry is an interesting place, and you must make sure that you are prepared to pass the state exam. Changing your life is simple when you go to a boot camp that teaches you what you need to know to work in the real estate industry. The best kind of education is one that prepares you to make a living in the industry.

The State Exam

The people who teach each boot camp will show you how to pass the state real estate certification exam, and you must make sure that you are listening to your teachers. Each teacher works in the industry, and the teachers know what it is like to become a real estate agent. You can ask questions of your teachers, and you can learn what it was like for them when they got their certification.

Running Your Own Business

You must be prepared to run your own business in the industry when you graduate, and the boot camp is going to get you ready to run a real estate office. The boot camp will teach you how to manage an office, get a job in a real estate office and make money as an agent. You can know everything you need to know about the industry, but you should know how you are going to work in the industry and make some money.

Working With Other Agents

You must make sure that you know how to work with other people in the industry when you get your license. The license that you get is going to help you work with home inspectors, the closing lawyers and mortgage brokers. The connections you make in the industry are going to help you make quite a bit of money in your office. There are so many other people working in the industry that you must know, and you will learn from your teachers how to connect to others.

The boot …

Boosting Venture Capital, Boosting D.C.’s Small Businesses

Boosting Venture Capital, Boosting D.C.’s Small Businesses

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The initiative of Certified Capital Company, also known as CAPCO programs, aim to boost venture capital, thereby boosting Washington, D.C.’s small businesses. The primary purpose of the program is to increase private capital investment in small businesses located in the District of Columbia. According to the Department of Insurance, Securities & Banking, the Government of District of Columbia fulfilled premium tax credits obligations to 20 insurance companies in the amount of $50 million, in 2004. The insurance companies invested venture capital in three CAPCOs in the amount of $50 million. The invested capital is for the CAPCOs to provide loans and equity to small businesses in District of Columbia and companies seeking to relocate to the area.

There are advantages for participating in the D.C. CAPCO program, including promoting economic development growth in the state and creating job opportunities. The program doesn’t offer grants, but instead investments to small businesses that meet certain criteria and requirements. Small companies are eligible to apply for funds if they have a solid product or service with marketing potentials, strategic business plans and management proficiencies. Some of CAPCOs requirements to make the decision of selecting qualified businesses are the following: company must be headquartered & operates in D.C.; company’s employees must be employed in D.C. at 25%; and company is not affiliated with CAPCO. Professional businesses, such as accountants, attorneys, doctors, insurance, franchises, and real estate aren’t allowed to participate in the program.

Out of all the applications submitted for review to the CAPCOs, the most competitive and marketable companies are selected that meet the qualification requirements of the program. When the final decision is made, the company’s plan is considered for potential investment funding. Companies chosen for venture investment capital may be a start-up, expansion of an established business, or a business in its first phase. The businesses become portfolio companies after receiving the funds.

The CAPCO program in D.C. is responsible for boosting venture capital by offering tax credits to insurance companies. The CAPCOs received $50 million in 2014 from insurance companies to offer to small businesses in the District of …

Pass on New Noho Hotel In Favor of Impressive NYU Offer

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Ed Sheetz planned to turn two buildings in Noho into one large luxury hotel, but then he received an offer from New York University that he deemed too good to pass up. NYU offered the hotel mogul $157 million for the buildings and his company, Chelsea Hotels, agreed to the deal and passed on their previous plans.

According to a spokesperson for Chelsea Hotels, the company purchased the two Noho buildings about a year ago. They originally had plans to renovate the structures, but then NYU offered them a very high offer and they decided to sell. The spokesperson added that the sale will now allow them to look into more options and to shift their focus heavily onto Hotel Chelsea.

The building addresses are 708 Broadway and 404 Lafayette St. Now, instead of becoming a 249 unit hotel they will be used by NYU as an athletic center until the renovation of Coles Sports and Recreation Center which is usually the athletic center is complete. After the athletic center is complete NYU’s vice president for public affairs, John Beckman, stated that the buildings will be used help soften space needs over on the Washington Square Core.

The University has continually watched their enrollment continue to increase, but given the tight space constrictions of the city have not had many options when it comes to expansion. They are working on creating superblocks, but this alone has not been enough to address the fact that the university simply needs more room.

The purchase made Chelsea Hotels a tidy profit given the fact that Ed Scheetz originally purchased the buildings back in 2013 for the much lower price of $96.6 million. He formally was partnered with the Chetrit Group, but after a dispute arose over the Hotel Chelsea restoration the two parted ways and Chetrit Group sold their 50% stake to Scheetz.

Scheetz chose to then rebrand his entire portfolio of hotels which currently includes the Williamsburg McCarren Hotel & Pool and the E. 29th Street Martha Washington. Formally the partnership was known as King & Grove, but now it is simple …

Headhunter Tips for CEO’s in DC

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Finding the Top Headhunter for CEOs in DC

In order to find Nels Olson the top headhunter as a CEO in DC, it’s necessary to do a bit of study on the experience and past successes of headhunters who primarily focus on top positions in DC. Also, CEOs should learn the specific types of positions in DC that meet their expectations. CEOs also need to know DC businesses that regularly hire executive recruiting consultants as headhunters to fill positions in finance (CF0,) business development, healthcare, executive management development (CEO) and positions as chief operations officers (COO).

Headhunters are Not Recruiters

Although headhunters place top executives in choice positions, headhunters are not recruiters. Headhunters are basically executive consultants who know the moment a CEO is considering a move to another top position. For headhunters, the strategies are vastly different than in technical recruiting.

Headhunter Tips for CEOs in DC

Some of the best tips for CEOs are to seek a headhunter with clients of top corporations or government contractors. These headhunters associate closely with the executive boards and their members on a regular basis. This should show CEOs how important the duties and responsibilities of headhunters are and why the headhunter a CEO chooses should have a well-designed, strategic network within DC’s top businesses and organizations. A CEO position in DC is very different than a CEO position in New York City, Boston, Atlanta, Chicago or Houston. DC is a microcosm of interlinked businesses and government contracting agencies. Thus, the scope of networking is inextricably smaller and, by association, deeply invested in DC’s total picture of business and government. There are several tips for CEOs in DC to consider. These include:

-Defining the business or governmental range of executive positions
-Maintaining current data on CEO positions
-Anticipate the movements of DC CEOs to other positions
-Engage a keenly connected, networked headhunter

DC is a much smaller pool for CEO positions. As such, an astute assessment of the businesses and governmental agencies poised to offer a perfectly matched CEO to a top opening is crucial.

Choose a headhunter who has current data …

DC Family Owned Real Estate Development Companies

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Real estate development is a huge thing these days, as you can make a lot of money if you know what you are doing. If you are like the Frank Haney Company (FLH Company) looking to develop a property, whether it be a rundown home that you got extremely cheap, which you are trying to fix up and resell, or whether you have bought a piece of land that you want to build on, hiring a team to help you can make the process a lot less stressful and most likely a lot more profitable in the end. A lot of times people buy up these properties with the intent on flipping them, only to come to find out that the process of increasing the homes values were more than they had anticipated. These people quickly find out that hiring a real estate development company is the way to go.

You have a bunch of options when it comes to selecting one of these companies, but in essence they are going to do the same things. However, when you are talking about developing real estate, there are a ton of decisions that have to be made and the profit margin really lays in these decisions, which are often times made by the companies that you are working with. That being said, there is also the price to consider. These companies are likely going to charge you a pretty penny, but in the long run you are going to make a lot more on the house and it will likely sell a lot faster, giving you a higher turnover rate. The turnover rate is extremely important when you are talking about a person that is in the real estate game to flip as many properties as possible for the best price.

Family owned companies are some of the best to go with, because you can usually get a pretty good deal and you want to work closely with whoever you have hired. Having a close working relationship is ideal and the reality is that this is easier to achieve by hiring …