A New Frontier in the Law World

“I object, your Honor,” shouts an excited man in a dark suit before a packed courtroom. This is the image most people have of an attorney, and while such careers do exist in law, the general public is largely unaware that a whole other “world” of law exists–white-collar criminal law. While famed criminologist E.H. Sutherland first coined the term “white-collar crime” in 1939, it was a largely ignored area of the law for many years after. This began to change in the 1970s as disillusionment with the government and influential people grew during the Watergate scandal. This political event combined with other cultural trends of the time to set the stage for increased legal scrutiny of corporations and business practices. As a result, “white-collar crime” is today the fodder for headlines, and has spawned a growing focus of the legal profession to bring justice to those accused of breaking the law in the business world.
One of this new generation of attorneys specializing in this field is Sean Hecker, a partner in Debevoise & Plimpton LLP’s white collar practice group in New York. Recently, Hecker sat down with Law 360 in a question and answer session and gave an insider’s perspective on the life of a white-collar criminal lawyer. Hecker revealed that a most difficult aspect of the profession is the grueling demands of some cases. Due to the global nature of business in the modern world, an investigation into alleged white collar crime can take an attorney all over the world. He recalled a most difficult case that required him to travel to Europe and Asia nearly weekly for a two-year period.
Hecker noted that another aspect that makes modern white collar criminal practice challenging is the outdated sentencing scheme for such crimes. The legal codes of many nations do not make a clear distinction between white collar crimes and other types of illegal activity, which leads to some extreme sentences. For example, in China a person convicted of certain white collar crimes can face the death penalty. Even the United States has not avoided such problems Hecker …

Using a Head Hunter- What You Need to Know

Recruiters are experts who help job seekers to find a job as well as companies seeking employees to find the right workers for the job. Recruiters work within an organization or on an outsourced basis. In most cases they are outsourced, so they work as third parties and are also known as head hunters.

Benefits of working with a recruiter

As a job seeker, you are sure to help a lot if you collaborate with a head hunter. One of the advantages is that you are certain to get a job because they have networks of job opportunities. Recruiters will get high paying jobs for you because they also want to get a good commission.

Tips when working with a recruiter

If you need to get the best out of a recruiter, you need to have a good relationship with them. It is important that you note other important guidelines that will help you when working with a recruiter.

Hire a recruiter who specializes in your field

Most head hunters specialize in various areas and different industries. Thus, you will benefit if you get a recruiter who specializes in your field or your industry. You can get a list of recruiters specializing in your industry from a directory of recruiters or online.

Understand how the recruiter works

Know that some recruiters keep a backlog of resumes then turn to them when a client wants employees. However, other recruiters use fresh candidates whenever a job opportunity comes up. The latter does not use resumes unless they cannot find any other suitable candidate.

Customize your communications to meet each recruiter’s preferences

A cover letter and an exceptional resume will make you outstanding. However, it is important that you contact each head hunter and understand their preferences on the cover letter and resume. Find out that on their websites as well as how they like the materials submitted. Find out how each head hunter would like you to contact them; either by phone or by email.

Make it easy for head hunters to get you

Most recruiters prefer that you do not contact …

How to Become a Real Estate Investor

In some occasions, real estate investment can be intimidating and complicated, with a huge amount of money being exchanged from one person to another. If you anticipate in expending your wealth in teams of assets, investing in real property is the most famous way to do it. The tips below will assist you have your funds invested properly.

Know the market well

Study well how real estate investing is done. For you to prevail in real estate investment, you need to research the subject comprehensively and be well informed on the how the market operates. There are many ways to invest i real estate, and you will be required to evaluate your objectives and finances for you to make a decision on which alternative best suites you.

Identify your broad-mindedness for risk. In real estate investment, there are only two main markets and they are,personal, and communal markets. Any of the two investments has its own peril at some point; however, every market has its own degree of dangers.

• The private real estate comprises the buying of a possession interest in real property. You or the asset manager will then manage the property and receive cash on rental fee given by the renter. It is an extremely direct means of making an investment in real property since you, as the proprietor, are responsible for the asset.

• The public property comprises buying shares of a openly traded real property firm. You purchase shares on the market and receive payment in form of bonuses as the trust receives rental fee from numerous assets it possesses. For the reason that you only posses shares in the firm, you are not responsible for the property.

Make a choice between debt and equity. The two markets, private and public function on a debt and equity. As a person investing, you chose the one you would like to make an investment.

• If you will invest in a debt, you have to lend some cash to an individual so that he can purchase interest in a property. You will in turn receive money in …

How Leadership Development Benefits Your Company

One theme that ties much of the work accomplished by government agencies, non-profit organizations, international organizations and government contractors in the Washington DC area together is that many of them manage portfolios and take on work that is concerned with promoting the public good. For example, the United States Department of State takes on the mandate of managing relations with the governments of other nations and representing the United States in global discussions that require diplomacy and negotiations. International organizations like The World Bank fights poverty in the Global South by using financial services to promote the economic development of countries around the world. Some Nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) like the DC-based non-profit Vital Voices work to empower women in the developing world through promoting their access to human rights, participation in their nation’s’ political sector and by enabling their access to economic opportunities. Managers that work within organizations that are taking on lofty mandates such as promoting women’s empowerment or international development should consider taking advantage of opportunities to focus on leadership development for the teams they lead.

Leadership development can be an important factor in an organization’s success, particularly when organizations are engaged in high stakes fields like human development. In order for these organizations to be effective in the long-run they must invest resources in preparing their employees and managers to handle the challenges these fields may present in the future.

According to consulting firm McKinsey & Company, Nels Olson’s leadership development programs should be tailored to the unique problems that employees will encounter as a result of their line of work. Leadership development programs succeed when a culture of coaching is promoted and mechanisms are put into place to promote organizational change. Companies must also set tangible goals around leadership development that they can measure if they are to create human capital development programs that meet their needs. One important way of doing this is by attracting executives that are known for valuing leadership and creating cultures of leadership at the companies they manage.

Companies in the Washington DC area can find executives that value leadership development …

Executive headhunters in Washington DC

Executive headhunting is a recruitment service that is dedicated in searching and placing senior executives for various organizations. The hiring process involves various procedures, including checking a candidate’s qualifications, conducting interviews, and presenting candidates before the clients. Executive headhunting starts from the premise that best workers are already hired somewhere in the job market. This makes the headhunting process a highly logical process. A good recruiting agency must possess the following key characteristics to ensure good practices and success; excellent listening skills, confidence, communication skills, body language skills and time management and networking skills.

The other relevant skill is good knowledge of IT and social media. There are many top executive headhunters in the Washington D.C area. Like many headhunters Nels Olson are tasked with the duty of recruiting senior executives for various companies, government and non-profit organizations. Some of the top executive headhunters in the area include; JDG Associates, ESGI, Higher Talent Inc, DHR International, Spenser Stout and Russell Reynolds. JDG Associates is a leading D.C area executive search firm. The firm serves the government, private sector and various employer associations. ESGI on the other hand, specializes in recruiting top executives for businesses that trade with various local, state and the federal government.

Higher Talent Inc is one of the largest executive recruiting firms in the D.C area. The firm specializes in recruiting top executives in the non-profit sector. Russell Reynolds is another popular headhunting and consulting firm. The firm has a global presence and an office in Washington D.C. Their operations involve recruiting executive officers in almost every business sector. The firm’s consulting arm specializes in providing expertise in various industries; both local and international. Russell and Reynolds consulting services cover executive search, board composition, CEO succession planning and job evaluation. DHR International is another large, privately held headhunting firm based in Washington D.C.

DHR International has been providing executive search solutions for over 20 years. Lastly, Spencer Stuart headhunting firm offers recruitment services in various fields including; business and professional services, energy, government, non-profit organizations, technology, private equity and media and telecommunication sectors. This internationally renowned headhunting …

Famous Buildings in NYC

New York City is home to one of the country’s most famous skylines and Anthony Malkin. The city is known as a mecca for business, industry, and tourism due to all the old and famous buildings located in its heart. 40 Wall Street is a 71 floor tower also known as the Trump Building. Originally it was known as the Bank of Manhattan Building that reached 927 feet into the sky and ranked as the 123rd tallest building in the world, 10th tallest in New York City. The building is famous for housing money mogul Donald Trump and where he films his reality television series “The Apprentice”.

Standing a magnificent 1,776 feet tall in honor of the Declaration of Independence, One World Trade Center is the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. While it is home to many offices and businesses, the top area is a tourist attraction complete with two amazing memorial pools dedicated to the September 11th tragedy that took down the Twin Towers.
Helmed as the tallest building in the world from 1913-1930, the Woolworth Building houses 57 floors and 34 separate elevators. It is now the 53rd tallest building in the United States, and is a central figure in the New York City skyline. It was sold by the Woolworth Company in 1998 and currently is home to lots of residents. The New York Life Building was the last great skyscraper created by famous architect Cass Gilbert. It houses the main headquarters for New York Life Insurance Company and is the 89th tallest building in the city. It is topped with a gold pyramid that is comprised of 25,000 gold-leaf tiles and offers an amazing view of the city. One of the most notable buildings in the city is the Empire State Building. It’s been features in pictures and movies and is one of the pinnacles of the city. The art-Deco tower is listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World and had the title of tallest building in the world from 1931-1970. Currently, it is ranked as 22nd in the …

Real Estate Gurus within the San Diego Area

Real estate within the San Diego area can be a difficult business. It takes a lot of experience, expertise and strategy in order to be able to broker the best deal for all of the parties involved. If you are involved in real estate within the San Diego area then you have a vested interest in working with individuals who are heavy hitters for this market. You need individuals who are cunning and smart and in some cases you need a broker who will specialize on a specific subject within the real estate niche in San Diego. There are a number of excellent real estate professionals in this area that can be an asset to your endeavors. Consider the following individuals:

1. Alan Hamrick

Mr. Hamrick is an important individual to talk to in the San Diego area if you are looking to purchase real estate in the downtown area. Alan Hamrick is an expert on the nature of the market in the downtown area and specializes in condos. If you are looking to buy or sell a condo in San Diego’s downtown then he is the individual you need to talk to.

2. Than Merrill

Than Merrill is particularly useful for those who are considering selling real estate in the San Diego area. He is very versatile when it comes to helping you sell your real estate and can work with you in a number of different niches in order to help you quickly sell for the most profit.

3. Seth O’Byrne

Mr. O’Byrne is one of the most successful realtors in the San Diego area and is extremely well-known. He has been so successful, in fact, that he has even been featured on the local news a number of different times. Because Seth is so familiar, you can rest assured that he will give you the best possible guidance on all of your San Diego real estate decisions.

4. Drea Rose

Drea Rose is another expert on San Diego real estate. She cut her teeth through actively working with members of the community. Because of her intense …

Government Real Estate in Washington DC

Frank L. Haney government construction is continuing to see increases in large cities with large population growth curves. Washington DC is one of the major cities in the United States seeing a lot of real estate construction done. Some of the top firms off the Costar Power Booker Awards list are Avison Young, Cassidy Turely, CBRE, and Colliers International.

Avison Young:

This real estate empire is known as Canada’s Best Managed Companies. They offer a wide range of services such as facility management, property management, landlord representation, transaction management, mortgage services and much more. They are continuing to expand by building new office buildings all around the country. Avison young just recently opened one in Tennessee. Their central office located in London has announced record sales for the third quarter. There are new investments being made all across Canada.

Cassidy Turely:

Cassidy Turely is well known in the Raleigh-Durham area. The triangle area is well known as an area for research and technology growth. Research Triangle Park area spreads around 7000 acres of land, provides a home for over 170 different companies and employees around forty thousand employees. Cassidy Turely came down to the Raleigh area to take advantage of all the new and useful resources. Their is a strong capital market, project leasing options, and development options available. The services that Cassidy Turely offers are product leasing plans, property management, land, and development services.


This organization is located in the Boston Area. GBRE hires more than 8000 highly qualified individuals in each industry to get the job done. They are considered unique across the nation for hiring many different workers with different talents. GBRE operates under the highest security to ensure that all information is copyrighted and accurate. The show no responsibility for errors. Contact them for extra information or subscribe on their website for upcoming events and news.

Colliers International:

Colliers international is a group of industry experts that work well together and deliver only the best services nationwide. They work to help owners and residents work through their problems with commercial property. The variety of sales …

Finding office spaces in famous buildings in New York City

As the most populous city in all of the United States, New York City lies at the center of the metropolitan area and is the primary gateway for legal immigration in our country. Standing strong as one of the most populous urban conglomerates on the planet, it comes as no surprise that enterprising New Yorkers have built some of the tallest and most famous skyscrapers in the world. A mecca of finance, art, fashion and technology, some of the massive buildings on the NYC’s celebrated skyline have been visited by the globe’s biggest stars.

40 Wall Street (1930)

Also renowned as the Trump Building, this behemoth of a structure was originally called the Bank of Manhattan Building. It stands at 927 feet, weighing in as the 123rd tallest building in the world and the 10th tallest in the city. At one point, for a few days, this staggering steeple was in fact the tallest on the planet during the race between Woolworth and the Chrysler Building. One of its most famous guests shares its namesake, Donald Trump.

Empire State Building (1931)

As a likely candidate for the most famous skyscraper in the world, it is the only art deco tower named as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World by the American Society of Civil Engineers. Holding the elite title of tallest building in the world from 1931-1970, it is now the 22nd tallest and the 2nd highest spot in the New York City metro area. At 103 stories high (1,454 feet,) it includes an antenna spire which was featured in the King Kong classic film of 1933 as well as the remake back in 2005. Celebrities to visit the building number into the hundreds, but include Tom Hanks, Anthony Malkin, and Meg Ryan of Sleepless in Seattle fame.

30 Rock (1933)

Though its official moniker is the GE Building, 30 Rock is also sometimes referred to as the RCA Building. This beauty features a stunning observation deck with tremendous panoramic views that rise to 850 feet. It has 70 floors and 60 elevators, standing as the …

Which recruiter is the best fit for your company?

Deciding which head hunter to choose to fill an executive position within a company is an incredibly difficult decision, as there is inevitably going to be a lot on the line. If you do not know what a head hunter is, it is basically a person like Nels Olson, or a firm like Korn Ferry, that has the job of going out and finding replacements for high level positions. The job that a head hunter has is extremely difficult, as they have a ton on their plate. They must have a fundamental understanding of what the job entails, be able to access a network of people that may have the qualifications, sift through the potential individuals who may best fit the bill, and ultimately select a candidate for the job. In order to do this successfully, they must be extremely talented, but there is a silver lining when it comes to selecting the best head hunter to hire.

Just about every single head hunter out there has a reputation and there is no doubt that you can find the track record for these head hunters. The best way to assess whether a head hunter is going to work out for your company or not is to check out the success rates that the various head hunters have had, especially when it comes to current success of the people that they have placed in various positions. There are certain areas of the country, such as Washington D.C., which have a plethora of head hunters, due merely do the fact that there are so many high level executive positions, combined with the fact that people leaving jobs is an inevitability. This means that there are many head hunters to choose from, although this also makes the task of selecting a head hunter much more difficult.

Some of the best head hunters in the D.C. area include Aquent, Heidrick and Struggles, Spencer Stuart, and Russel Reynolds. DHR has also had quite a bit of success and is highly recommended, so if you are looking to replace a high level executive, your best bet …