Executive Recruiters Located in the Washington DC Area

Executive Recruiters Located in the Washington DC Area

In today’s modern world finding employees who are qualified for executive positions is very difficult, especially in the Washington, D.C. area. Modern technology has encouraged identification theft, false references, false education history and so forth. By the same token, highly qualified executives searching for a new position can often be misled by false advertising thus wasting time and money.

An applicant will initially be required to present references, a complete resume of previous employers, education resume and other pertinent information. Acting in a business-like professional manner at all times will make a good impression regardless of whether an applicant is meeting with an internal or external executive recruiter.

That is why it is important, when searching for a highly qualified employee, or a highly qualified job, to use an executive recruiter with a good track record. That makes it important to understand the difference between an Internal External Executive Recruiter and an Internal Executive Recruiter.

An External Executive Recruiter:

-Will review, and check, an applicant’s information regarding his or her qualifications and the employment desired

-After screening an applicant, the external executive recruiter will refer qualified people, for an interview, to the appropriate company

-He or she has no position in the actual hiring process
-An applicant can be referred to more than one employer

An Internal Executive Recruiter:

-Works for a specific company
-Usually has an office at the company location
-Is responsible for checking potential employees references and qualifications
-Makes the final decision on employment

Having contact with a firmly established executive recruiter will make a huge difference in the type of employee or the type of job obtained. Many executive jobs require some on- the- job training, which can be expensive. That is why both internal and external executive recruiters are careful in their review of any applicant’s application. This makes it extremely important to include any information that may apply in the applicant’s job application.

A few of the well-known recruiters in the Washington D.C. area are:

Nels Olson, Korn/Ferry
-JDG Associates, Executive Search Firm
-Lucas Group Executive Recruiters
-The McCormick Group
-Washington D.C. – Boyden Executive Search